Lunar Eclipse 2019: Why do we use Tulsi during the Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2019: Why do we use Tulsi during the Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2019: Why do we use Tulsi during the Eclipse-Tulsi leaves are used to purify any object during an eclipse. Let’s know what is the reason for this. This year, the lunar eclipse is occurring on the 16th of July, Shukla full moon day. Chandagharan will start at 1:32 pm on the night of July 16 and will remain till 4:30 on the 17th of July. The eclipse will last for two hours and eight minutes. At the same time, the eclipse will start on July 16, at 4 p.m. 31 minutes and will remain in the morning for 4 to 40 minutes. Let us know that the lubrication takes place 9 hours before the lunar eclipse, while the solar eclipse takes place 12 hours earlier.

Lunar Eclipse 2019: Why do we use Tulsi during the Eclipse

What is a lukewarm in the lunar eclipse

According to religious beliefs, the time of the cotton yatra is considered inauspicious. During this time no auspicious or new work is started. During this, worship should neither be done nor should God be seen. Hence during this time, the valves of the temples are closed and there is no worship or aarti of any kind. If we talk about the utensils during the lunar eclipse, according to the religious rules, nine hours before the assumptions are taken from the utensils and it ends only after the salvation period of the end of the eclipse.

importance of Tulsi

In India, Tulsi enjoys a significant place. Tulsi plant has always been the center of faith. There are three types of Tulsi – Krishna Tulsi, White Tulsi, and Ram Tulsi. Among them, Krishna Tulsi is considered the best. This basil rises in the basil. There are small flowers in these stages. It is believed that the Tulsi originated from Tulsi, which was used by God and demons, on the nectar which was sprayed on the earth during the ocean of brainstorming.

Lunar Eclipse 2019: Why do we use Tulsi during the Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 2019: Why do we use Tulsi during the Eclipse

At the same time, according to religious beliefs, seeing Tulsi every day is considered sinister and it is believed that worshiping it leads to liberation. It is also believed that worshiping with Tulsi letter attains the virtue of fasting, yoga, chanting, home, and haven. It is said that Tulsi is very dear to Lord Shri Krishna. At the same time, it is believed that having basil remains negative energy away from home.

Use of Tulsi during an eclipse

Tulsi leaves are used to purify any object during the eclipse. It is said that food made at the time of eclipse gets spoiled. Therefore, the leaf of Basil is kept. Tulsi leaves should be kept in the food before the eclipse. So let’s know what is the reason for it.

  • According to astrology, there is mercury in Tulsi. No rays have any effect on mercury. Let us know that ultraviolet radiation is released during the lunar eclipse which is harmful to health. Due to the mercury properties, keeping the leaves of Tulsi in the food becomes inactive.
  • According to religious beliefs, tulsi is destructive of defects. Therefore it is used to eliminate negative energy. At the same time, tusli is considered to be nectar because it is also used in Charanamrit.
  • According to Vaastu Shastra, by placing a Tulsi plant in the courtyard of the house, all the Vaastu faults of the house are eradicated. It is believed that the Basil plant destroys negative energy.

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