Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature. Green is green on every side here. As you get climbed to the height, the entire landscape changes. Suddenly the coldness increases in the air and the need for sweater-shawl starts. All the scenes are full of eucalyptus high-rise trees and multicolored wildflowers. It has a dark pink and purple in color. Stylish placards between dense forests, flyer clouds under the peaks and the blasting trails that can be seen far and wide. This makes the whole area a dream-like beautiful.

Princess of Hill Stations: Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature
Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

Kodaikanal is one of the best hill stations in South India. It is about 120 km from Madurai city. Located between the Palani mountains of the Western Ghats away. In the rain, you may want to avoid a little from the hill station to avoid the problems of slippery, etc. However, your fear will go away here. Once you see it in the rain, it will certainly be difficult to avoid its attraction. Kodaikanal looks beautiful in every season but it becomes more pleasant in the rain. Kodaikanal, which is a favorite place of lover couples, is also seen here even in the rainy season.

Its romantic attraction is that it is one of India’s most popular honeymoon destinations. This hill station, situated in the lonely loneliness of urban life, is located at an altitude of 7,200 feet. You can also understand the significance of this, that it is also called ‘the hill station princess’!

‘Cockers Walk’

Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature
Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

You can feel it here, what is the pleasure of walking around the hills surrounded by high hills and seeing the beauty of the plains below. In fact, this is a one-kilometer-long path around the Nebo Mountain which people will be walking on foot. From here onwards, in the valley, sometimes the fragments of the clouds, and then the self-esteem between dense fog is seen only by the joy of tourists. This place named ‘Cockers Walk’ after Lieutenant cocker, who designed the Kodai map. It is pleasant to watch the scenes, rivers, and farms located in far-off weather.

‘Silver Cascade’ waterfall

silver fall
Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

About 8 km from the city of Kodaikanal First you will also stop by seeing the rows of trains and crowd of tourists on both sides of the road. Before the Majara understood, you can be surprised by seeing a waterfall falling from the very height right on one turn! This is a way to welcome you from nature before reaching Kodaikanal! Looking at the water of the ‘Silver Cascade’ waterfall, it seems as if the molten silver is falling down in a considerable amount. Now you may have understood why this name means ‘Silver Cascade’?

Neelakurinji: a symbol of love

Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature
Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

The glory of Kodaikanal is this flower which blows once every 12 years. This flower is considered as the holy flower of Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan married the daughter of a hunter wearing a garland of Kurigi floral. Therefore, this flower is also considered a symbol of love and love. After flowering this flower, ‘Kurinji Festival’ is also celebrated. The festival was celebrated between June and October last year i.e., now the flower will take place after 12 years in the year 2030.

Starfish ‘lake shaped’

If you have seen a starfish, imagine this lake of the same shape Mana went to the garden! This is Kodaikanal Lake, which is the heart of the city’s cold heart. Seeing its transparent water, the heart gets excited The dense tree around the lake and the whole landscape here will make you vibrant. You can not If not, then around 5 km around the lake Walking along the route or riding or cycling is also a different joy.

Kurienji Temple: This architecture is amazing

Kurienji temple india
Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

It is approximately 3 km from Kodai lake. is far. It is considered the most popular attraction of Kodaikanal. If you are a fan, its architecture will make you mesmerized. This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan.

If you love Nature, then come ‘Bryant Park’

bryant park
Kodaikanal is a Beautiful Gift of Nature

If you are interested in botany, Bryant Park near Kodai Lake will tempt you. The Botanical Garden, developed by the then-forest officer of Madurai, H. D. Bryant, and devoted efforts, has been developed. In the flowering season of flowering, rainbow shade is everywhere. The year 1857’s Eucalyptus Tree and Boadi tree are among the major attractions of this park. There is a distinct joy in beholding and staying in this park between the beds of pine trees and flowers.

Green Valley View vs. Suicide Point!

About 5 km from Kodai lake This site covered with dense trees is called Sausage Point due to its dangerous texture. But if you want to see the green ladders here, you can see them here. From here you will see a breathtaking view of the Waghai Dam along with a white cloud floating in the valley and chest mists on the hills.

Magical Hypnosis of ‘Pillar Rocks’

At Pilar Rocks Point, 8 kilometers from Kodaikanal bus stand, you will never be shocked by the horrific nature of nature, and you will never see the charming shade. Here are three giant rocky columns with a height of 122 meters. Due to fog, their dramatic effect can be seen here. In a little while, it is surprising to see the hidden in the mysterious fog here. Water currents flow between these columns. You may want to stay here for a long while seeing the changing of the scene in the moment due to fog in the valley. A beautiful park has also been developed nearby.

When and how to go?

Here at any time in the year can come. The nearest airport is in Madurai, which is 120 km away from Kodaikanal. Coimbatore Airport is also 170 kilometers from here. The nearest railway station is Kodaikanal, which is 80 kilometers away. Kodaikanal can be reached by road from all major cities including Madurai. There are many convenient, all-inclusive, convenient hotels to stay here.

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