“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”

“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”:-The drizzle in the saawan gives relief to droplets, but due to these, the fear of make-up may also be bad and the moisture present in the environment can also affect the beauty of the skin and hair. So it is important to know how to make our make-up and how to do beauty care these days.

As the monsoon blues often hits you, you can be immersed in seasonal changes, which allows you to rejuvenate from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you forget to take care of your health and your body for a long time. But do you dare to forget the whole season? The answer is NO perfect because you know you should pay special attention to your Skin and Hair care. As you can see that the weather has changed dramatically, taking firm action will reduce your efforts as the season continues.

"Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon"
“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”

“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”

How can we take care of our skin during monsoon?:-

Due to common infections in the monsoon, the body’s resistance is naturally reduced. These include colds, flu, indigestion, jaundice, cough, dysentery, typhoid fever, etc. Therefore, it is important that you take care of the food you eat and the water you drink. It will also be affected by skin diseases such as lice, eczema, etc.

“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”-Also, especially during the rainy season, it is important to take care of your beautiful hair. Your hair remains wet for a long time, and it will still be difficult to dry even after showering, and it will remain wet due to the wet weather. Wet hair can cause an unpleasant smell. Here are some tips to take care of your skin, hair, and body to keep the monsoon healthy and attractive.

Skin Care Tips


The humidity of the environment plays a very important role in damaging our makeup. So use such things to make makeup that your makeup may last longer. If your skin is oily then use a good moisturizer and waterproof powder-based compact. Nowadays eyeliner, mascara, and mascara all come waterproof. It is right to use them.

Applying lip gloss on lips will also make a fresh look.


"Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon"
“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”

Do not apply lipsticks of dark colors in today’s season. Use light and natural shade only. It would be nice to have a lip gloss only. It will also bring shimmer and it will look natural.

Eye shadow

Given the weather patterns, use only waterproof pencils, not the wet-eyed shadows.


Use soft light color blurs. Keep in mind that it is waterproof.


Use soft colors of purple and blue color for mascara. Mascara can not be seen very differently.

Skin cleansing

Regular toning of the skin clenching and moisturizing. Mix one spoon of almond oil and rose water in two-spoonful wheat flour and keep it on the face for about 10 minutes. Then clear the face. After this take bath with lukewarm or plain water. Do this once a week.

For a refreshing face

If the face of your face is dull and there is no freshness in it and the face looks lifeless, then wash the face regularly twice or thrice. But do not rubbish loudly. Use alcohol-free toner to increase the skin moisture.

Some Important Skin Care Tips

  • Most often he uses soap-free cleansers and good scrubs to keep skin moist.
  • If you choose waterproof makeup, heavy makeup will fall dramatically when it rains.
  • Choose a lotion-based serum to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.
  • Avoid whitening and facials this season, as whitening can cause more damage to your face and the face can make your skin rough.
  • Always recommend waxing, pedicure, and manicure to keep your skin and body in shape.
  • Once you get home with warm water, be sure to wash your face, wash your hands and wash your feet. This makes you feel refreshed and healthy.

Hair Care Tips:-For shiny hair

"Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon"
“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”
  • Do not highlight your hair too much in today’s weather, nor get more color. The sun’s bright light and humor also have adverse effects on the hair.
  • Apply conditioner if you want to use a conditioner. If the hair long then does not leave the hair open for too long.
  • Dissect the cucumber and take out its juice. Facial facialized by adding cream in this juice. Cut the round pieces of cucumber and put it on the face with light hands for a while. Put the sandalwood powder in the cucumber juice and put it on the face. Wash the face thoroughly after some time. This will make the face appear soft and fresh.“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”
  • Most of the time he tries to protect his hair from rain, but this is impossible because we occasionally find rain.
  • When you get home, it is better to wash your hair with a mild shampoo and let it dry.
  • Always use shampoo gently, and don’t forget to use conditioner after this wash.
  • At night, massage the hair with warm coconut oil, comb the hair and evenly distribute the oil on the scalp and hair.
  • You can also try mixing the warm oil with the curry leaves to keep the hair thick and black.
  • Usually, during this season, it can cause itchy scalp due to dandruff or other reasons. For this irritating scalp, the application of neem oil is the best remedy.
  • Replacing herbal products instead of shampoos and heavy organic conditioners to maintain the natural lustrous appearance of hair will be the best clue.
  • Hair dyeing is not a good idea this season since it takes a long time to wash and dry it. Keep it as natural as possible.
  • Beer is a good conditioner. Initially wash your hair with beer and wash with cold water after a few minutes. This tip can help your hair add shine to your hair.
  • Although it is necessary to use a hairdryer, it is better to use it if it is restricted. Instead, choose a dry towel to remove most of the hair.

How much hair fall is normal in monsoon?

“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”-On a normal day, we experience a decrease in 50-60 actions, which is considered healthy. But in this season, one can experience more than 200 strands of hair loss. It is a temporary stage, you don’t have to think about it nervously, because stress is also considered the cause of hair loss.

Bonus Hair Care Tips:- Treatment of Hair Fall -Applying lemon juice for 15 minutes and then rinsing it is a very effective remedy for the scalp without oil. Lemon is easy to obtain and cost-effective.

Home remedies are the most effective. People with normal but curly hair can use chopped mango and mint paste. Recovers the shine and softens them.“Hair and Skin care Tips for Monsoon”

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