“Features of WhatsApp New Version”

“Features of WhatsApp New Version”

Features of WhatsApp New Version“-Some of the most popular messaging apps are now undergoing changes in WhatsApp. There are 5 new features coming out that will enhance the experience of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app. Crores of users around the world use it and also like it. Video calling, normal calling, photo-sending, day-to-day chats, and office groups, much more are done through Whatsapp. So, every update of Whatsapp is special, and arguably likes people too. Every update adds something new to it and it is a good idea to know about what is going to come next.

Talk about social media apps or instant messaging apps The top of all is Whatsapp. In such a situation, it is important to keep track of his updates.“Features of WhatsApp New Version”

"Features of WhatsApp New Version"
“Features of WhatsApp New Version”

Dark Mode-
Some people like me who like Twitter dark mode are good for them. This is one of Whatsapp’s most expected features. These features have been viewed several times in the Whatsapp beta version. That is, it can soon come in the normal app too.

What will update?

If this feature comes in WhatsApp, then there will not be much stress on the eyes during the night. This is very important for eye care. So far this feature has come in Apple, Google Chrome, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Now it is to see when it is updated in Whatsapp. However, no official announcement has been made so far.

Quick Edit Media-
These features will come in your phone with the next update. According to the WABetainfo website which takes care of updates on WhatsApp, users will be able to directly share the media with the in-chat window directly.

What will update?

Time will survive. It is now downloading the media and editing it to the normal editor. Now it will be in Whatsapp. This will be different from Whatsapp’s current edit features. This can also help in increasing the speed of the phone.

Forwarded message information-
Last year, WhatsApp was labeled for the forwarded message. This shows that this message has been forwarded. It was made to stop Fake News. Now, this feature will be updated.

What will update?

The company will now update this feature. Now, something like this will come to know from where the message was forwarded or how many times it was forwarded. It is as it is shown in the Info section that when the message was sent when it was delivered and when it was read. It will also work for viral videos.

QR code
Whatsapp is making it easy to add new contacts. It will be as it happens on Instagram and search through the name tag.

What will update?

Each user will have their own name tag. Everyone will have a QR code so that numbers can be added. Whatsapp already uses the code system. This is for Whatsapp web. From this, the phone version is mirrored in the desktop version.

Hide Mute Status-
It will be similar to Facebook’s unfollow. People will not be completely blocked in ‘hide muted status’, but they will not show any updates and their chat window will also go down quite a bit.

What will update?

Right now if it mutes the status, it is still seen on the bottom of the feed.


Overall, “Features of WhatsApp New Version” these 5 new features will be time-saving. So far, the company has not made any announcement about them, but all these have been removed on the basis of roomers. There may be some of these features in the next update and it may also be that they take some time to come. Therefore, it will have to wait a bit. If all these come, then there will definitely be some advantage. These are all for Whatsapp beta users. So that they can try it. Only after testing, these normal users will come.

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