Black Pepper: “Enhances Dishes Taste”

Black Pepper: “Enhances Dishes Taste”

Black Pepper: “Enhances Dishes Taste”-The biggest misconception about Indian food is that it is very tasty, which is full of chili-spiced, while the fact is that the use of spices in our cuisine has been done very well and in a balanced way.

The irony is that the pungent and glittering chilies have spread this misunderstanding that has reached India with the Portuguese 500 years ago! According to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, according to the physical nature of the changing season and mental tendencies and mental tendencies, the medicinal use of spices of various properties has been instructed to eliminate defects such as cough, pitta, vata.

However, West was deprived of this traditional knowledge. For her, the spices used to fill the stale meat from the stink of flesh. In this context, the introduction of Greece and Rome was first introduced in black pepper. It is logical to suggest that the foundation of the historical international spice trade was based on this product.

Importance of black pepper

Black Pepper: "Enhances Dishes Taste"
Black Pepper: “Enhances Dishes Taste”

Black pepper reached Egypt several thousand years before the birth of Christ. In the pyramids, its grains are found in the nostrils of the borrowing part. The story that Emperor Solomon and Sheba have been given in the Bible is mentioned as a valuable rare item. By the time the Portuguese explorer did not take chili from South America, its price would have been skyrocketing. Prices can be estimated in medieval Europe from idioms, such as the ransom-worthy ransom-free prize money.


Kerala is the birthplace of pepper in India, but it is also found in Southeast Asia elsewhere. Today Vietnam is its largest exporter. The ‘Merich’ which is mentioned in the ancient texts of Sanskrit is only Siāy Chiri and its sister Pippali. It grows in the vine of the leaf-like leaf, in the form of the ninety-nine berries and then its color is green.

When it gets cooked, it starts to become dry and it changes only after boiling and drying in the sun until late. Green chilly is less tasty and it is later preserved in salted water to use it in the same way. Rubbing the outer wrinkle peel and washing it with a white round chili hand, which is the lowest in its pungency. It seems to be black pepper, but it is the black form of black pepper.

Black pepper: Hot and cold

Black Pepper: "Enhances Dishes Taste"
Black Pepper: “Enhances Dishes Taste”

The most interesting thing about black pepper is that it is considered hot and cold for its occasional occasions. This is an integral part of the hot spices, but it is incomplete without it being cold. Similarly, it is used in both salted and sweet dishes. Gulab’s sweets of Uttarakhand or ‘Sakkar Pongal’ in the south make Jugalbandi with this. In the mountainous areas, the ‘Merchant’ boiled for removing the feathers away; the remaining spices, along with tea leaves, remain the only supporting role – but the real life is pepper only.

The important place in cooking

Black Pepper: "Enhances Dishes Taste"

The names of many recipes are associated with black pepper because the special taste of this is their special identity. In Punjab, Avadh, and Hyderabad, the chicken of black pepper appears in many incarnations, then it is given a special place in the cookery of fish and goat meat in Chettinad of Tamilnadu. Pran Paper Fry is famous in Kerala. Black pepper is considered the most important spice in Europe, not only in India.

There is a picnic black pepper tikka for vegetarian amateurs. Leave the paper steak, it is taboo meat for most Indians, but on every food table, whether home or restaurant, black pepperbox with salt is also kept. In the west pasta or soup is the practice of spraying pistol or dredger pepper with flavor. To make this work comfortable, the Pepper Mill Tool has been invented. Even in our country, it was harvested in the traditional kitchen, because the fragrance flavored oil is destroyed by making a fine powder from the machine.

Fadey foreign chili

The food of China’s Sezuwan region is also considered as a pepper-spice like India. There also red chilies arrived with the Portuguese. Earlier, the local species of pepper made the food delicious. This is called SEZUAN PAPER. The round tan used by Tiffin Maharashtra seems very close to it. In the 13th century, Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho stepped in South-East Asia. Among the valuable ingredients, they took from here was the best black pepper. That is, the Szechuan chili was faded in front of our black pepper.

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