7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction-Nowadays everything from the essential work of home and office to networking happens on the smartphone itself. Often, women get busy surfing on smartphones after getting free from their daily routine work. It is not just about women, children or elders of the house, everyone has been addicted to smartphones.

Everyone is excited to play games on smartphone, watch web series, watch their favorite movies, stay on social media and get updates on all the news of the country and the world. But perhaps people are unaware that starting the smartphone early in the morning is not good for our health.

According to the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, 61 percent of people use smartphones within 5 minutes of waking up in the morning. The number of people who use smartphones within half an hour of waking up is 88 percent. It has also been said in this survey that 74 percent of people definitely check their phones before going to sleep. This study proves that the use of smartphones has increased a lot and due to this, everyday routine work is also being affected.Smartphone usage and increased risk of mobile phone addiction: A concurrent study

Many people believe that the increasing use of smartphones is also impacting people’s personal lives. Today, we will tell you what kind of losses one has to face by surfing smartphone in the morning and how to get rid of this habit.

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction
7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

These are the disadvantages of using a smartphone as soon as you

wake up in the morning

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction
7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

According to Google Design Ethicist Tristan Harris, when we start working on the smartphone as soon as we wake up in the morning, see our notifications, then our mental frame is also affected accordingly. This is like starting your morning on someone else’s terms. In the morning, we often see what photos have been liked, what matches have come, what is going on on social media, etc. If likes, shares and comments are not found on a post, the mind becomes depressed, its value starts to decrease, while these things are far from reality. On social media, people only present beautiful pictures of their life, seeing them also starts a comparison with their life.

Make your every day beautiful

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction
7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

If we do not see the phone in the morning, then we get a chance to look inside ourselves. How can we plan our day better, what things can be included in our daily life for our growth, what things can be removed, all these things, things we need to think continuously. But due to excessive use of smartphones, these essential things go unnoticed and life goals are not set. Giving yourself time in the morning is like liberating yourself in a way. You can make your life very good, you can achieve things that seem impossible, if you plan your day in the morning and work towards achieving your goal every day.

Use an alarm clock

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction
7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

Often, women use smartphones to sleep at night, but with alarm set to check their notifications and start surfing the net, keep the alarm clock at home to change this habit. This will make you sleep on time in the night and its positive effect will be that your health will be good and your day will start on time in the morning.

Charge the phone away from the bed

mobile charging
7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

Most of the women put the phone in charge near the bed and after that work on the smartphone keeps surfing till late night. To change this habit, put the phone in charge away from the bed.

Start yoga for Get rid of Mobile Addiction

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

Along with staying healthy with yoga, you will also help in getting rid of phone addiction in the morning. While doing yoga, the mind becomes calm, women feel relaxed and their focus also increases.

Make a great breakfast in the morning

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction
7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

Often surfing on the phone in the morning, women are unable to pay much attention to breakfast. Conversely, if you focus on making tasty items for breakfast. It is definitely easier to divert your mind from the phone in the morning. Having a good breakfast in the morning is also the beginning of the day and provides plenty of energy.

Read books to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction
7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

If you are fond of reading books, then take time to read books related to fiction, politics, cookery, travel etc. By reading books, you get new information, get a chance to know people’s experiences, as well as your focus is also better. While reading the book, you also get an opportunity to spend time with yourself, which also reduces your stress level.

Bonus Tips to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

7 Ways to Get rid of Mobile Addiction

These days smartphones and mobile phones are dominating people. Not only young people, but children have grown addicted to it. In such a situation it is very important to understand that are you not wasting your time by using the smartphone more than necessary?

People who are addicted to smartphones, they check their phone again and again, they become restless when the phone is switched off or forgotten somewhere. Such people are not able to live peacefully without phone even for a few hours.Problematic smartphone use

  • Change the place of the pocket and purse in which you keep or keep the phone for a few days.This will prevent it from coming into your hands immediately and you may be busy in the meantime.
  • Turn off notifications by going to the smartphone’s settings. This will not divert your attention to the phone’s notification beep again and again. If someone does any urgent work with you, he will call you directly.
  • Keep your data off for a few hours of the day, ie keep the internet off. This will not tempt your mind to look at the phone again and again and will also save battery.
  • Make sure to check the time of your phone, at the same time, you will see all the updates, and you will get more updates of your work by watching it again and again.
  • Make sure that as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will stay away from the phone for a few hours, and will keep the phone away before a few hours of sleep at night.
  • When you walk a short distance from the phone, then automatically your mind will start getting into other favorite tasks, as well as you will avoid many other kinds of troubles.

If you take care of all these things properly then you will get rid of mobile addiction soon. I have also tried all the tips mentioned above, believe it, all the experts adopt these tips in their addiction centers. However, if you are unable to get rid of mobile addiction, then contact an expert, now this addiction is becoming a huge problem.
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